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"Madi is so talented when it comes to photography and she knows just how to run a business. I bought my first camera from Madi and little did I know I gained a friend along the way! I have been eager to start my own photography business and Madi made the process such a breeze. Between teaching me camera settings to making my own website, sending invoices/ contracts, etc. If you are looking to start your own photography business Madi is your girl!"

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Maybe you have a love for photography? Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. I would love to share my story on how I became a successful photographer and help you reach your goals too through mentorship sessions!





Want to know what programs I recommend? How to effectively organize finances for your business. Need to know how to get your business registered? Want to master manual camera settings? I can help you find the right steps. I went through many platforms until I found the ones that fit my goals and I would like to make it easier for others, you don't have to do it alone. 



Want to learn how to use social media marketing to get the clients you want? I am a marketing major and have managed other businesses social medias as well as my own business socials. It is important to know how to reach the right audiences and to MARKET yourself!

Don't know where to start with the business side of photography? Have questions about learning camera settings, posing, or want critiques on your work? Mentorships are completely customizable.

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