I love plants, chai tea, and traveling (I studied abroad 2x living in Spain with a trip to Portugal & France!

I was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. I have always been a photographer at heart, my whole life I have always been obsessed with capturing memories. Growing up in such a gorgeous region really grew my interest in taking photos of nature and sunsets. My inspiration sparked from my mom's hobby with her canon camera when I was a child. I picked up her camera around the age of 10 and started to practice with it. Being self-taught meant learning settings through trial and error while practicing with friends, this was a part of the learning process that helped shape me into the photographer I am today. My outgoing personality has allowed me to make new friendships with my clients and continue to grow my business. 

In regards to professional photography I have gained 2.5 years experience as the former intern photographer at Saginaw Valley State University. Currently, I contract with downtown TC for the photo marketing of my hometown. I love what I do because it has allowed me to meet new people, capture memories of others, and also help other small businesses succeed.  These experiences were helpful to me for working large events, and working in all different lighting scenarios. 

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For professional development since March 2023, I also have contracted with Downtown Traverse City as their photographer for the marketing of my hometown.

Along with my passion for photography, I graduated in Dec 2022 with my Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing with a minor in Advanced Spanish at Saginaw Valley State University. 

Are you wondering where my passion started? It is very important to know who you are working with and why I may be the right fit for taking photos of you!


How can I serve you? My goal as a photographer is to create not only beautiful true to tone colorful images but also a memorable photoshoot experience. I love meeting new people. My clients are not just clients they are my friends and part of my journey. My goal is to make everyone comfortable in front of the camera by guiding with prompts and poses using movement to have more of a natural candid style. Delivering photos telling YOUR story.

I love what I do.

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